The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club
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The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club is located in the City of
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia which is on the Eastern side of Halifax Harbour.
The Club was founded in 1953.

The callsign is:



which was the callsign of one of the founding members.
At the present time we are located at in the Spicer Building
21 Mt Hope Avenue, Dartmouth, N.S. The hamshack at the club has
HF, VHF, UHF, and Packet which is used by the club members mostly
for recreational purposes using modes such as SSB, CW, SSTV, PSK31
and other Digital Modes and on demand for Emergency purposes under
the umbrella of the Halifax Regional Municipality Emergency Management
Organization (EMO).


The Club also has Repeater and Autopatch facilities located at the
tower site on Dustan Street, Dartmouth, N.S.

Email Address:

The repeater callsign is:

VE1DAR +147.15, 444.6Mhz Voice
144.91 Mhz Packet


Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club Executive 2012
President -Marc VE1BEL
Vice President- Emil VE1ESP
Secretary- Vacant
Treasurer-John VE1WZ
Member at Large- John VE1JRH
Antenna coordinator - Ed VE1EGG
Packet Coordinator - Ed VE1EGG
Technical Advisor On Call- Bill VE1MR

 The Club facilities are open every Saturday morning
from 9AM to 11PM for coffee and conversation.
Everyone is welcome.

Note: Call on 2M upon arrival. VE1YO +147.15 , VE1PSR 147.27
or 490-1450 , or on 147.15+ autopatch autodial *99 .

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