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2024 Shearwater Hobby Show

Monday, 22 April 2024 18:50

Introducing Ham Radio at the Shearwater Hobby Show.

This past weekend of April 20th and 21st the Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club was present and proudly representing our club and HAM radio at the Shearwater Hobby Show at the Sea King Cadet Club.

Our Station.The Shearwater Hobby Show is a multi-discipline event featuring model Aircraft, Armor, Ship, Figure, Science Fiction, Automotive subjects, and Model Railway layouts; Dolls and Dollhouse Miniatures; Radio Control Ship and Aircraft Models; a Lego display; Historical Gaming; a radio-controlled aircraft, a Trade Fair, and much more.

Our display featured Morse Code, Winlink, HF and Satellite ops. We made a few contacts through the repeater on the ISS, We were all amazed at how well the station worked.


Our Station.By Sunday the show was slowing down, some people were packing up and we were thinking of doing the same.However, Amanda (An invaluable Assoc. Member) had passed out 30 certificates between that Sunday and Saturday prior.

They were a hit with the younger kids and a few older kids were interested in hearing about Ham Radio being a possibility for High School credits. 

                                                                                      - Amanda Jean

Quoting our director at Large, Craig MacKinnon:

I think we did DARC proud at this year's hobby show. We had a great display, great banner, many members helping. Special thanks goes to Amanda and Jeremy. They put in very hard work to make this happen.

I'd like to thank Bob and Stephen for their work, time and support. I'd also thank club members who worked at the table. We may be a small club, but there's huge potential in our ranks.



With such a positive response this year the D.A.R.C. (Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club) is looking forward to next year’s annual show.












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