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Below you can find local and national links to various Buy/Sell/Trade forums and groups. The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club remind you that when it comes to shopping online for secondhand gear, even on sites that have buyer and seller protections in place, the onus largely falls on you to protect yourself from scammers and possible fraud.

If you have additional links or sources to other safe and reliable Buy/Sell/Trade forums and groups please let us know and we'll add them to our list!

Monday evenings at 2330Z on 3.750 MHZ or 7:30 local time.

Items which are sold on this swap shop are the sole responsibility of the SELLER and BUYERS only.VE1 PJS cannot assume any responsibility for any transactions that have taken place.

"A place for Atlantic Canadian Amateur Radio Operators to share their hobby on Facebook. HAM stuff for sale welcome, but please delete them when sold."

" is an easy-to-use, free “buy and sell” site dedicated to amateur radio operators across Canada. The site was ‘hatched’ and initially offered to address the cancellation of in-person Amateur Radio “buy and sell” events as a result of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic."

" is a community site designed and operated by and run for active Amateur Radio operators (hams).Buy, Sell, and Swap online for free.  Ads often include photos."

RAC's list which includes national B/S/T forums, groups and pages from provinces outside Atlantic Canada.




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President: Earl Burneau VE1 EPJ.

Vice President: Stephen Rodgers VE1 SBR.

Treasurer: Jeremy Fowler VE1 JHF.

Secretary: Jason LaPierre VE1 PX.

Director at Large: Craig Mac Kinnon VE1JMA.

Station Manager: Robert Brown VE1BFX.


Thursday night net

  • Thursday night net

    Thursday nights on 147.150 / 444.600 at 2000 / 2400Z.